Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy days

It has been a crazy few weeks. With the annual birthday chaos over, I will hopefully get some scrapbooking done. Birthday chaos ... let me explain. We have four children as some of you know. And we have bad planning, or maybe it is good. The verdict is still out on that. All four have their birthdays in June, in a period of 13 days. We start with Kayla on the 7th, Caitlyn is on the 9th, Ryan the 18th and Shanel the 20th. There are all kinds of speculations as to why this is the case, let's just call it ... the way it is. My darling Caitlyn was kind enough to do the following calculation for us: in 2018 Ryan will be 21, Caitlyn 18, Kayla 16 and Shanel 7. Three major birthdays, suggestion have been received that we save money so that we can run away that year.

To make June even more tricky the kids are writing exams, which means they finish at different times. It is a juggling act to make sure to pick up the correct one at the correct time. Luckily that will soon be over since schools close on Friday.

The other reasons I have been neglecting this blog a bit is because I am currently keeping Simone's Journey updated. As mentioned in a prior post, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphtic Leukemia the day after her 15th birthday. It has been an amazing journey and she will hopefully be able to go home on Wednesday this week. If you want more information please go and have a look at

I would like to try and complete the latest LetsScrap challenge. I have the ideal topic, Caitlyn and her selfies. I have lost count at 1200.

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  1. Beautiful work... beautiful layout and beautiful pictures!!! What great work... Thanks for playing along with us at Let's Scrap Sketches!!

    Let's Scrap