Jargon buster

There are so many word associated with scrapbooking, some of them easier to figure out, others ... well even I had to go find out. I will be adding to the list as I go along. Shout if there is any specific one that baffles you.

Archival - product that is chemically safe, stable, durable and permanent. You do not want your albums to disintigrate and photographs faint until there is no image left.
Bone folder - smooth hand tool made usually of heavy plastic used for folding, scoring and creasing paper.
Border - decorative edge used to surround a page.
Buffering - neutralizing acidity of paper over a period of time
Caption - word, phrase, sentence or paragraph that describes a photo.
Cardstock - sturdy paper available in difference colours, weights and textures. Basics required to build a page on.
Chalk - powdery substance available in a variety of colours used for highlighting, shading, etc.
Charm - miniture figure made of metal used to embellish.
Colour blocking - preparing pages in geometric areas or blocks, generally rectangles or squares.
Craft knife - pencil-shaped tool with one or more razor blades. Used for precise and intricate cutting.
Crop - to cut a photograph smaller, trimming unnecessary pieces (people) off the sides.

Crop night - time set aside for scrapbookers to get together and share ideas and work on their own pages.
Deckle edge/decorative-edge - scissors with decorative pattern on the blade.
Die cutting - method of using sharp steel ruled dies and pressure rollers to cut shapes, e.g. cuttlebug.
Embellishment - decoration added to a scrapbook page.
Emboss - creating a raised effect using one of a variety of methods, i.e. pressure or heat and powders.
Embroidery - ornamental needlework on fabric or paper using hand or machine sewing.
Encapsulation - placing an object in an acid-free envelope for example. It protects elements from damage.
Ephemera  - printed items such as newspapers, magazines, labels, covers, etc. These items were intended to have a short livespan.
Eyelet - metal gromit or ring with ends that can be bent to hold it in place.
Eyelet punch - makes holes and fastens eyelets in paper or material.

Matt - to place a photograph on a piece of cardstock to create a border around the photograph. More matts attract more attention so consider matting the most important photograph more than once.

Silhouette - to cut around a person or object so that only the main focus of the photograph is retained.

Some definitions adapted from:
The Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Tools & Techniques: Susan Pickering Rothamel. 2005.