Tools of the Trade

People have different opinions about the tools you require to be able to do Scrapbooking. They can give you a very long list which will make it seem like a very expensive hobby to start. Yes over the years you will collect quite a stash, but to begin you need very little ...

1. Ruler.
2. Sharp scissors (which you will be hiding from now on).
3. Pencil and eraser.
4. Non-fading acid free pen (Pentel Hybrid Gel).
5. Scrapbooking glues (Click-it mounting squares or any other dry glue will suffice).
6. Couple of sheets of paper (Cardstock and patterned).
7. The photographs you have been storing in boxes, pillow cases and other places.
8. Album/s to store your works of art.

With these basics you can Scrap away. Your pages will be just as stunning as those created by a long time scrapper with lots of tools.

As time goes by you will get more things ... a lot more. Keep an inventory of what you have so as not to keep on purchasing duplicates. When you get to the point where you have cupboards full it is a gigantic task to create an inventory so keep a list as you shop.
Keep your things together. It is very frustrating when you have a couple of hours to Scrap and you have to spend half the time getting organized. A box will do in the beginning, as your stash grows, so your storage will develop. Try and use containers that are continuously available. It is frustrating when you need another container (to match the ones you have) and you discover it is not being manufactured.

Dimensional magic. This it truly is - magic I mean. If you feel your page needs that little something ... this is probably it. It is that final touch. Dimensional magic is a liquid that you apply to just about anything, it takes a while to dry and dries clear. Whether it is a chipboard letter covered with paper, a letter cut from paper, a sticker that needs to stand out, dimensional magic will be the, cherry on the cake. You can also cover attached beads to prevent them from falling off with time.

Chalks/inks. Another one of those goodies that will multiply, just like a girl can not only have one pair of shoes, she can not only have one colour chalk. You will often use your chalks with stamps to create stamped images, letters or words on your layout. But you can also use your chalks to create borders by 'chalking' the edges of your photo, matt, embelishment or even page. Chalking is also used to add that finishing touch, or to attract attention to an object. It is easy to do, but remember, it is permanent, so test on a scrap piece of paper first to make sure you are happy with the colour and effect.

Eyelet setter. There are many eyelet setters available on the market, some quite noisy like the set in the photograph and others renowned for their silence. It is necessary if you want to add eyelets to your page. Usually you start my making a hole in the page. Easiest way to make sure the whole is in the correct spot is by putting the eyelet on the page and pressing lightly, it will make a light ring onto which you place you punch. Once the whole has been made, push the eyelet through, turn the page over and use the setter to open the back of the eyelet over the paper. Voila!