Hints and Tips

#1.  When creating a double layout ... use tape to stick the pages side by side. Masking tape on the back works well for me and it is easy to pull off once you are done. This way anything that runs over the two pages will be straight.
#2.  When creating a double layout ... see the two pages as one large page. Remember that anything running across both will be cut through in the middle, so be careful when you are using ribbon or thread that will fray.
#3.  When creating a double layout ... if a one photo is placed over the middle of the pages it will be cut. Be careful not to cut a person in half, rather move the photo so the cut falls between two people.
#4. When trying to attract attention to a photograph consider the following options: 
Print it bigger than the rest of the photos
Matt it more than once
Keep it in colour and make the other photographs monochrome (sepia or black and white)
#5.  Whether printing your own photographs or having them developed, consider having a white border printed around the photos. This can serve as your first matt and you can trim it smaller depending on the importance of the photo, or cut it off entirely.
#6. Keep a notebook in your handbag. Inspiration strikes when you are far from your scrap table, by the time you get there the idea will be gone. Jot down any inspiration, layouts, colours that work well, possible titles. You will be glad that you did. 
#7.  Scrap with friends. They have lots of ideas and tools to share and can teach you many techniques.
#8. Use a sketch. It will help you decide where to place your photographs and embellishments. It is important that your sketches are organised according to the number of photos they contain or you will give up finding one that you like.
#9. Follow blogs or join a group like http://www.letsscrap.ning.com/, you will get lots of inspiration, motivation and tips that can help you.
#10. Take photographs of layouts in magazines and books that inspire you, even if it is with your cellphone. If you really have the time, organise them into themes on your computer so you can easily reference them. Remember most scrappers don't mind being scraplifted (copied), as long as you give them credit for it.