Titles that pack a punch

You want your photographs to be the main focus of your page, but at the same time you want to tell the viewer what the photographs are all about (especially if it is not obvious from the photos). Your title is bound to evoke some or other emotion, often it will bring a smile and we all know smiles can say many things. Sometimes a saying or song title will be perfect, at other times you will have to put your thinking cap on. Have fun with it and once you have decided what to 'call' your page - have a ball with your tools to create the attention grabbing introduction to your layout.
This is an open page, if you have used an original title feel free to share it with us by adding a comment. We all need a bit of inspiration.
Ones that I have used ...
  • Walking with giants 
  • My guys in trees
  • Stadsjapies oppie plaas
  • Pas getroud ... jou voete kielie myne (from song)
  • Larck (those close to us knows that our initials spell the word larck, working from oldest to youngest)
  • He loves me, he loves me not
  • Bosvakansie
  • Slippy slide summer fun
  • Liewe paashaas
  • Boys and their toys
  • Butterfly kisses
  • He/she's not on top, he/she's inside (pet, toddler in a box)
  • Catch of the day (could refer to fishing or, a page of all the old flames - watch out for jealousy though)
  • Music to my ears
  • Just perfect
  • CSI (anything from child art on your wall to puppy dogs chewing shoes)
  • It's my party, I can cry if I want to (from song)
  • Modderbad (Mud bath)
  • Ma se bus/taxi
  • Diaper dude
  • In the pink
  • Pienk voete
  • Bun in the oven
  • You catch, you clean, you eat (fishing pages)
  • Water babe
  • Summer fun
  • World traveller
  • Snug as a bug


  1. Thanks for the useful hints, i will be putting some of these in my "black" book of scrapping thoughts. Lovely blog thank you, i will definitely keep coming back to it for your help. :-)

  2. Hi Anel

    Kan jy glo, ek is ook 'n scrapper. Hier is my supply store: http://www.archivers.com/ Alles en nog wat onder die son. Ek stap gewoontlik uit met 'n lee beursie.

    Dis net amper onmoontlik om op te vang met scrapbooking, nevermind op datum te bly met alles wat ek op kamera vang. En glo my, ek is nooit sonder my kamera nie.

    Ek het albums vir skooldae, familie, friende, my lewe saammet Bertus, ons grond se ontwikkeling.

    Lekker scrap vandag!!! Ek sal jou email.