What? Is sketch is an image that represents a layout, indicating where to place photographs, embelishments, titles and journaling.
Why? It makes creating a layout simpler, you don't have to try and figure out where to put the photographs you have available. 

How? Collect as many sketches as possible. Sort them according to the number of photographs in them. When you have your photos in your hand, go to the bundle of sketches that use that amount of photos. Look at your options and decide which one you want to use. Remember, you can always trim your photographs or rotate the sketch to suit your needs.

Sketch #1
Suitable for a holiday layout as it contains a lot of photographs. The photographs are cut the in the following sizes:
10.5 X 10.5 cm
10.5 X 5 cm
5 X 10.5 cm
5 X 5 cm
Play with the photographs you have, it does not have to look exactly like the example.

You can use one sketch and rotate it to create a double layout that works well. The one side will be the exact opposite of the other side. Have a look below ...

Sketch #2
On the left page the sketch was used as is. The rub-on title was placed over the large photograph at the bottom. On the right hand side page the sketch was rotated 180 degrees.

Sketch #3  We all have photographs of our babies as they grow month by month and would love to show them off or you are a graduating parent with 12 years of school photographs (remember those little id size ones you don't know what to do with), this is the layout for you. Make use of tags cut to the same size, you can decorate each individually and then add the tags to your layout. Depending on the size of your tag you can make a single or double layout. Although I have only put shown one of the pages on the left, the other will not be very difficult as it will just be covered in tags. On this double layout I managed to fit 12 tags (for the 12 months) and one large photograph on the right. See TRY THIS LAYOUT for the complete sketch as well as instructions to complete the layout.

Sketch #4 
I seldom work in singles so this sketch is actually the right hand side of a double. The photograph was printed landscape on A4 paper. The circles on the left are flowers. Use the space in the bottom block for your title, or if you are creating the double, a small photo similar to the enlargement. The three tabs can be used for journaling. This layout would make a great front page in an album.